Sunday, February 28, 2016


So just for all of you who haven’t heard yet, this week we FINALLY got a firm departure date to move. We found out we would be moving back in September, and in October I got my orders. We planned our move and submitted my leave request immediately, and have been sitting and waiting for approval ever since. But now we can finally say that we’ll be driving away from Maryland on March 15, and traveling for several days to arrive at El Paso around the 18th.
Other cool news - we just signed closing documents on our new house yesterday. We should hear back and hopefully have everything finalized on Monday or Tuesday, since it’s a mail-in closing, but our new house is in a little city called Canutillo - west of El Paso on the border with NM. It means we’ll have to go back to the days of having a 30 min commute, but the house was nice enough that it was worth it. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here are some pictures:

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Right now we’ve been packing everything up. This week we flipped my piano up on its side and wrapped it up. I would show photos, except that our house is a disaster. Oh what the heck, I’ll show photos anyway:

We’re way excited to see you all. Right now the plan is to arrive in El Paso and spend some time setting up the house. Then we’ll be having a 10th anniversary vacation with the Kobersteins - our way cool friends from BYU who we haven’t gotten to see since our 5th year anniversary vacation. After that we plan to head out to Utah and visit family for a bit before I have to start work. We’ll probably contact you all with more specifics, but that’s just kind a sum-up of how life is right now. Hope you’re all doing well - we’re looking forward to being two-days drive closer to everyone out west!

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