Sunday, February 7, 2016


So I did promise at the end of the last blog post that it would be sooner than 2 months, so I’m doing good! Anyways, I left off just before Kings Day last time, so we’ll start there.
The night before Kings Day the kids put out their old shoes, with carrots, hay, and in this case celery for the Wise Men’s Camels. They wake up and have new shoes, filled with goodies :-)IMG 0754IMG 0353
We then went around taking turns giving the presents we’d wrapped:
IMG 0377
I made my gifts for the kids: magic wands for the girls, and swords for the boys. All in all it was a pretty awesome day.
On other highlights, I got to fly out to El Paso and find a new house for us. You can see pictures of the house we’re now working to close on here:
For those of you who don’t watch the news, we also had a blizzard! Twenty-six inches of snow in a day!
IMG 0442IMG 0448
Which was of course an awesome excuse for two days off work and some sledding (as well as the less pleasant side - many hours spent clearing snow):
IMG 0460IMG 0846
We got to celebrate Eliora turning 6 years old while the snow was melting.
IMG 0889
And a few days later we got to celebrate Mommy’s birthday. She had quite a few more candles. So many that the fire alarm actually went off - I guess it just wanted to let her know that she was too old. ;-)
IMG 0536
Right now we’re getting the whole house packed up and ready for the big move. We’re hoping to drive out of here on 14 March, but we’ll let you all know if that changes.

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