Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cranberry Festival!

So since we had a 3-day weekend last week, we traveled back up to Boston for the local Cranberry Harvest Festival. We’ve done this twice before back when we were living in Massachusetts, and we figured that since we’re moving to El Paso, it might be the last chance we get. The last time we were out here we only had two little ones, so it was neat to have kids that were bigger now, who could explore and run around and just plain have more fun.
IMG 0594 IMG 2850
Basically the Cranberry Festival is kindof like a small county fare, but which is run right on the cranberry bogs. You can go out and see them harvesting the cranberries and watch them sucking them up through the vacuum onto the truck.
IMG 2900IMG 2906
Of course, because it was a fair also, they had lots of other fun things to do. They had a huge sand-hill that the kids had fun playing on.
IMG 2964 IMG 2966
The pony rides were also a lot of fun.
IMG 2861 IMG 2858
IMG 2868 IMG 2869
As well as the train rides, which have come a long way from five years ago:
IMG 2892 IMG 0692
And they also had an owl show, which was really neat. The kids liked that one at first, but got tired after a bit.
IMG 2919 IMG 2946
IMG 2932
But they did get to run around in a pumpkin maze:
IMG 2875
All in all it was a fun weekend. We stayed with good friends from our Boston days - Roger and Nieca. We spent a large part of the rest of the weekend helping them do a wood floor - I've never done a wood floor before!

We’re going to be a little sad to move back to the south, but it will be nice to be a day’s driving from family. It was a wonderful trip up here, and we'll fondly remember our last New England Autumn.